The State of Your Revolution

Kia ora tatou
Welcome to the Revolution!
What’s the plan? What can you expect from this revolution…

Revolution Creative, as an interactive digital platform, has now been live for just over 2 months. In that time we’ve seen incredibly talented people add portfolios of their work to the site: creatives skilled in kapa haka right through to animation and jewellery are now proud members.

If you are one of those members, we want to mihi/ thank you for joining us.

We also want to take a minute to explain what the plan is from here.

As you may have noticed, we have a lot of creatives, but not many jobs. Yet.
The first step of the revolution was always to gather together a group of talented creatives who believe in the same things we do:

  • More funding and support for creative enterprises.
  • More opportunities so that your creative practice doesn’t take a back seat and your passion/mahi becomes your creative career.
  • A wider representation of creative mahi/work.
  • Economic growth for small-to-medium businesses thanks to access to creative business solutions.

Now you’re here we can share with you the next step: getting businesses on board.

As Jacinda Ardern emphasised in her speeches – the creative sector is not merely a ‘nice to have’. Our plan is to encourage businesses to employ more creative people and to make the creative edge a must-have for all enterprises. We plan to do this by inspiring small-to-medium sized businesses with the benefits of hiring creatives. Every business that’s open to hiring a creative means there’s more jobs for creatives to do.

Our plan also includes developing a platform where all creative work is valued, where volunteering isn’t taken advantage of and where emerging creatives can get a foothold in their chosen careers.

But money is only one kind of value.

Revolution Creative, as a platform, aims to represent all NZ creatives.
Once the site has a broad representation of creatives on it, we can consider using that data to agitate for better conditions for creatives. For example, we can see the price people value their work out at per hour. With that information we can understand what the average self-perceived value of creatives in NZ is vs the going hourly rate in popular marketplaces. With that information we can provide creatives with a suggested standardised hourly rate.

We have other goals too, based on identified need within the creative sector and will share these with you as we grow.

Right now we’re onto phase two, so over the coming months you’ll see more jobs pop up on the site.

So share the site with any businesses you know who may want to hire a creative and spread the word to creatives that this revolution is a good one to join.

Unite, Create, Liberate

Nga mihi nui,

From the team at Revolution Creative.