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Expanding Your Networks – Developing New Interests

Within and Beyond the Bubble – The Way Ahead

As we inch nearer to post lockdown life and reconnect with the possibilities of breaking out of our bubbles, take a moment to shake off any settled dust as you view the changed employment landscape. This will seem formidable and though the horizon may still be unclear, it is a time when you will need to be as innovative and prepared as you can be.


Here are some friendly reminders to think about as you prepare to continue your journey on the outside.


Remember the benefits of looking beyond recruitment sites and see how you may connect with potential employers directly. As you know companies often advertise their positions directly on their websites, …. so please go fishing and see what is out there amongst the ‘eddies’ and flows of creative employment opportunities.


Equally valuable to see how your creative practice can be enhanced, identify who you need to connect with and seek advice to make a business plan.


Being innovative and responsive to now, seeking opportunities to collaborate with other creatives to build the required skill sets or team you require. Asking questions seeking advice.

Network Network Network, it is so important to engage or find others with similar passions and interests. Look at MeetUp https://www.meetup.com/cities/nz/auckland/ and other networking avenues, take a friend to check them out, or Create Your Own!


Remember beyond your skills, and often considered more important by employers, is your ability to get on with others, show them your agility/adaptability, empathy and importance of shared team values and culture. Think of real examples you can describe in interviews.


Be encouraged to bring your unique experience and perspective into the world and into your conversations!


Especially important at this time is to be open to explore new roles that may not be directly on the pathway to where you want to go ….. broaden your outlook, we’re all on a journey so seek value and worth in all experiences!


Make use of this time to your best advantage.


Refine and update your Portfolio and LinkedIn as a regular necessity. Update or make your free profile and portfolio on www.revolutioncreative.co.nz