Bam! A star is launched

On Thursday the 4th of July, Auckland’s Depot Artspace (also home to the Depot Sound Recording Studio) launched with their own version of fireworks: a technicolour display of their vision projected across the Devonport gallery’s walls, in a celebration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s creative independence. While it was the website’s official launch event, Revolution Creative is a digital platform that went live mid-March this year.

With the goal of generating more financial opportunities for creatives, Revolution Creative is a connective website for NZ creatives and businesses – think of it as the LinkedIn for creatives in Aotearoa. There’s evidence of strong support for the site that’s designed to generate more financial opportunities for creatives, with over 1000 people signed up to the website already.

Attending the launch at the website’s own creative headquarters where artists, creatives, councillors, business owners and local community members. Ahead of speeches, the Revolution Creative team played a vision video that spoke to why there needs to be a ‘revolution’ that will lead to more businesses hiring more creative providers – so that more people can actually make a living and career from their creative skills.

A mini-documentary also screened, showcasing the process Revolution Creative went through to hire creatives from the site in order to bring the launch to life – a direct illustration of how it can work in delivering a freshly unique design-based project outcome.

“Revolution Creative is a community of creatives rather than just a job search website,” culinary artist Tracy explains about the new platform. Also hosting musicians with skills in everything from sound engineering to foley and beat making, Revolution Creative is worth adding your profile of work to. It’s also a good place to find a range of other content designers and musicians to work with, or to get audio work done commercially, such as sound mixing and DJing for events.

— NZ Musician