All revolutions start with a cause – ours started here at the Depot Artspace.
We’re a not for profit arts community in Devonport, our home since 1996, with its own proud history of arts and activism.

Our circular mantra is “creating an environment that encourages creating…”

To this end we’ve assisted thousands of emerging and established artists across a wide spectrum of backgrounds, media and career development. We’ve supported them to achieve their career goals through the ArtsLab formerly PACE (Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment) programme. We’ve supported them to produce a variety of recordings through Depot Sound. Depot Press publishes writers who explore Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique identity and culture and the Depot Gallery exhibits a range of multidisciplinary artists.

But we wanted to do even more.

We noticed there was a gap between people’s creative skills and the roles available for them in the job market.
Graduates were finding it difficult to get employment without experience: a catch 22. Internships were few and far between and largely unlisted. Creative jobs were in silos; graphic design jobs were on different platforms to acting roles (but what if you wanted to do both?).
People who weren’t already doing creative jobs didn’t know how to get a creative job and businesses that could benefit from creative thinking, but weren’t in the creative sector, were missing out big time.
True connectivity wasn’t happening.

So we decided to start a Revolution.

With years of insight, experience and genuine love and respect for creativity and creative people, the Depot ArtSpace team came up with a way to revolutionise creative opportunities in New Zealand.

And we were very clear about our mission.

We’re working to ensure that every single person (from first-time creatives starting out, to award-winning established practitioners), in any creative discipline (from textile design to copy writing), can access a free platform to promote their work, get approached for jobs and be counted amongst New Zealand’s creative community.

Encouraging businesses to hire creatives is central to that mission.

By showcasing New Zealand’s most inclusive range of creative practitioners we aim to capture the imagination of employers for what creativity/creative thinking is able to offer. How it can transform a product, service or brand, how it can stand you apart from your competition, make you money and make you happy.*
Now Revolution Creative has its own team and we’re set to transform the creative landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tell everyone you know that it’s time to ​JOIN THE REVOLUTION



*An article from ​Huffington Post​ cited a recent New Zealand study which says that “engaging in creative activities contributes to an “upward spiral” of positive emotions, psychological well-being, and feelings of “flourishing” in life.”